New York, New York

Isn’t  that amazing when you see someone wearing a shirt written on it, ‘’I heart NY’’ or someone who talks about their trips to New York and their eyes are all dreamy and sparkling just because they visited New York. Of course, whoever loves cosmopolitan cities will be in love with New York that has everything from corner to corner, you feel the world is too big and you are too small. With no doubt, it would be a lot cheaper and easier to live elsewhere, but elsewhere isn’t New York and I wouldn’t want to do that. You will be always surrounded by people who are better, smarter, cooler, and more worldly and generous than all of us, but you won’t get jealous because it simply motivates you to be better.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

When I travel, I always get butterflies as soon as I pass by the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan from the airports. It feels like home again with the entire city sparkling around you as if they are welcoming you back home.

I had a lovely time with my friends in Greenwich Village, we had cupcakes from Magnolia bakery where they used to film ‘’Sex & the City’’ and then we took a walk in Central Park. We toured around the best restaurants in town then we went to the Brooklyn heights Promenade and took a long walk around the Hudson River.

Aline Watfa With Some Friends

Aline Watfa With Some Friends

We loved to walk around the shops on the 5th avenue where you see all the brands your heart desires from Christian Dior, to Fendi, to Gucci and more.  Then we went to the national museum where a lot of movies used to be filmed there such as a movie called ‘’ Serendipity’’.

On the late afternoon, we spent it having fun and taking lots of pictures all over the city with street performers and having the best ice-cream in town. Take a sneak peek at some of the photos.

Aline Watfa Having Fun

Aline Watfa Having Fun

Then finally, we had the best closure for our trip by spending time at the Sephora building where we spent hours and hours walking around and having an amazing time.  Isn’t that just amazing, don’t we all love New York?

Aline Watfa in front of Sephora Building

Aline Watfa in front of Sephora Building


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