Have you Nailed it or Not Yet?

Are you a trend follower? Do you follow every trend you see, even if it is too trendy and doesn’t match everybody’s taste? If yes, then look no further you are the unique person we are looking for; trendy, fashionable, sophisticated and charming. You love jewelry and seductive fashion, yet you have a glamorous look, a true trend-setter for others to follow.

Beauty blogs everywhere have been touting this cool new nail art technique that is sure to take nail salons by storm,‘’ The Caviar manicure’’.

Caviar manicure

Caviar manicure

Created by British nail polish company Ciate, the caviar mani has a 3D effect, with tiny little beads covering the entire nail plate. As for how to DIY, the kit will come with two bottles; one with a base polish and another with beads in either black, white or multi-colored. According to the directions on the company’s site, you start applying the nail polish then shake on beads and set with a top coat. It looks so natural, i personally used it on my friend’s engagement party.

Caviar manicure

Caviar manicure

My tip for you is to apply this nail polish with beads on one nail, rather than applying it on all nails and distract the attention. It will look classier and stylish. Don’t over apply it so it won’t look too cheap.

You can find the Caviar manicure kits in Sephora stores. Would you try this trend for your wedding?


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