Haute Nails

Have you ever went shopping for a nail polish and ended up not knowing what to buy so you buy more than what you intend to purchase?

It happens to most girls nowadays, they go shopping for a specific nail polish then end up getting inspired to mix and match two different colors and come up with something completely different like a new trend. Take a sneak peek at some of the best selection for a nail polish trend.

Summer Hues

Summer Hues

These printed nails can only match with a plain black dress and simple accessories so you leave the entire focus on the nails.



Simple, yet trendy elegant. Have you ever wondered how to get your nails like this. It’s a piece of cake, all you need to do is to get stickers and glue them on. Make sure you get a base bold nail polish then you stick the printed stickers.



Yes, it gets as trendiest as it looks. Possible to have them all with sequins on your nails or you can only use this nail polish on one nail instead of all nails and this way, people will notice them more.



Gothic as it looks, you need to be careful not to wear black outfit with black nail polish because the last thing you need is to attract negativity and bad incidents. Always choose neon colors or bright color outfit to match this type of nail polish.

Now that you have all what you need to know about nail polish styles, what type of nail polish would you go for?


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