Gucci-Men’s collection 2014- Fashion Week

‘’  You may have the entire Universe if I may have Italy’’ Giuseppe Verdi

I say you may have the entire Italy if I may have Milan.  I always love to explore new cultures and new countries but in Milan, I see the entire Universe is resting in Milan under the sunset of Palazzo de’ Arte.

For those who haven’t been there, they missed a lot.  Milan is recognized internationally as one of the world’s most important fashion capitals along with Paris, New York City, London and Tokyo.  As one of the most influential fashion grounds to every designer, I was invited to a fashion week for Gucci Spring/Summer 2014 men’s collection.  Luckily, among the celebrities who attended the fashion show was the actor and director James Franco. I was overwhelmed by his humble character and how talented he is to be part of all the process, which is something compared to his age.

With James Franco

Aline Watfa With James Franco

One thing led to another, the fashion show turned to an amazing success, you can see from the look on our faces as audience. We were amazed by the sophisticated design and textile. Have a look!

Fashion Show- Milan

Fashion Show- Milan

Gucci never ceased to amaze us with its trend every year. Some of the new trend is the leather and floral blazers. The silent floral is in the collection as well. Colors are olive green, Beige and black. I loved every single piece.


Backstage-at-Gucci-Men’s Collection


Backstage-at-Gucci-Men’s Collection

While i was getting off the show, i bumped into a very stylish woman dressed in a masculine style but very elegant. I loved the look on her and i was amazed by her well matching colors. Take a look!

Random Woman spotted wearing masculine style

Random Woman spotted wearing masculine style

Now that the trip came to an end, i was too sad to leave this amazing Gucci fashion show but i was too happy to go back home.

What do you think of the new men’s collection for 2014?


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