How to apply makeup safely?

Caution! Makeup faux pas ahead!

1.  Check makeup expiration date. Mascara and creamy eye makeup should be replaced every three months.


Check the Expiration Date of your makeup kit

2. Never share eye makeup or use the community tester at the makeup counter!

Instead, use a disposable cotton swab.


Use a cotton

3. Wash your makeup brushes and applicators at least once a month with antibacterial soap and water.


Wash your makeup brushes frequently.

4.  If the mascara is clumpy, never add water or saliva to thin it! You could add bacteria into it.


Clumpy Mascara

5.  Remove all eye makeup each night, gently, with products made especially for the eye.


Remove your makeup before sleeping

6. Make sure your eye makeup remover is non-oil based. Oil based eye makeup remover can clog a lot of glands around your eyelashes, causing dryness.


Oily makeup removers can clog your glands


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