Stay slim & healthy. Get in on my 7 fitness secrets!

Having a healthy and balanced diet is a women’s main concern .To achieve this goal, one must not pay attention only to the quantity or quality of food, but also to the habits or way she’s having her meal.


Working women are the hardest to convince, especially when it comes to staying away from junk food and sticking to healthy ones.

Have those tips in mind and try to practice them regularly, to ensure, that you have a regulated metabolism level in addition to adequate vitamins consumption in your daily intake.


Some of the approaches you can take to develop healthy eating habits are:

Guide the choices:

In your kitchen, have a wide variety of healthy foods. For which, you have a wider range of choice to pick from in case you do not love eating certain meal.

Every night, pick your lunch for the second day; it would be as a fun activity to do before you go to sleep!

Keep in mind, the importance of eliminating soda drinks from your meals, and substitute it with water or fresh juice.


Have a wide variety of healthy foods

Eat Slowly:

Our human body needs time to detect fullness of hunger while eating. Therefore, it is important to encourage yourself to eat slowly! For example, before offering yourself a second dish or  refill, wait for a couple of minutes, during this time you will figure out whether you’re full or not.

Eat Slowly!

Eat Slowly!

Eat meals as a family:

Try to develop this habit of sitting all together at the table and enjoying the mealtime especially dinner. In this way, you will be forced to take your time while eating and getting up fast as soon as you finish the meal!


Have a schedule:

It might sound weird, but planning your eating schedule will actually help you more than you think. When a meal is late, your brain will stimulate that you’re hungry, similarly for snacks. This way, you will avoid over eating or even skipping meals. It’s the human body clock!


Avoid TV while eating:

This trick can also be developed to be a habit. While watching tv, you will be distracted from the feeling of fullness, which eventually leads to overeating.


Importance of water:

A major tip is, stay away from soda drinks and drink as much as you can water. To help you drink more frequently, have small water bottles around the house!


Pay attention to quality and portion size:

To help yourself have a balanced, have a specific bowl, in which you can figure the portion you’re eating. You need all sorts of food nutrients in your intake, keep them balanced! Furthermore, each night before you go to bed, make sure you prepare your lunch box for the second day!


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