4 Tips for Longer Hair

Do you wish for long hair that others envy you for?

Does your hair grows achingly unhurriedly or breaks down in a blink?


Most of us don’t take into consideration that what we eat affects how our hair looks. Committing to a healthy food routine can help prevent your hair from breaking off before it gets long.

Bonus: No costly hair care products or medications are required.

Here are my top Hair elongating tips:

  • Have a balanced portion of proteins daily.

Amino acids (which compose protein particles) are responsible for new hair growth.

  • Include iron and zinc in your daily meals to lessen hair loss.

Zinc works on the level of fat cells in the follicle, the bed-rock to grasp the hairs.

I usually take zinc and iron from peanut butter, crab, chicken and beans. Yummy!

  • Dried broken hair will be history if you consume foods with vitamin C. The body uses this vitamin to build collagen and fibers to produce new hairs.

Reminder: Vitamin C is not only highly present in oranges. I take my share through strawberry, pepper, broccoli and pine apple.

  • Vitamin B helps fastening the hair growth process. My friends swear by this tip!

You can find this miracle vitamin in fish, spinach, oatmeal, soy beans, fat-free dairy and banana!

Get a medical checkup if you don’t whiteness changes, you might need to take some food supplements!

Now Rapunzel …let down that beautiful long hair!


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